The Simple Life in Eden

The Simple Life in Eden

The benefits of owning a home in a Watts community are abundant. For discussion let’s consider Trappers Ridge and the Fairways in Eden, Utah. With their stunning views, proximity to three ski resorts, and four season mountain lifestyle, these communities are hard to beat. But what if you could reduce or nearly eliminate the work it takes to maintain a home?  With those pressures out of the way, life gets a little simpler and you get more golf and powder days.

With an active HOA (Home Owners Association) in both Trappers Ridge and The Fairways communities, the amenities are well cared for. Services such as trash removal and lawn care are handled by the association. That’s right, you don’t have to mow the lawn or weed the flower beds at your home! All common areas, such as the trail systems, green spaces, club house, tennis courts  and pool areas are also fully maintained. So use the pool all you want and leave the maintenance and cleaning to someone else. Ahhh, this is the good life!

Why is Fairways such a beautiful community? Aside from the great architecture and the copper garage doors, the HOA maintains standards in home color and the overall appearance of the community. Owners of each property in both of Watts’ developments in Eden are required to maintain homes to an acceptable standard – including parking, appearance, and care. Any changes to the property must be approved by the HOA, thus ensuring that each home will be kept up to the original standards set by Russ Watts in the design of the community.

Sharing amenities like the trails, pool, clubhouse and tennis courts at Trappers Ridge reduces costs and offers more amenities than owning a single family home independent of an HOA. Both Trappers Ridge and The Fairways allow for vacation rentals, further allowing second home owners the opportunity to rent their homes. With the HOA present, rules are in place to protect all owners and guarantee the community quality is maintained for owners and guests alike.

One of the association’s best perks is if you have a problem with anything, simply ask the management to handle the issue, thus avoiding the possibility of hurting the feelings of  a neighbor. Issues that often come up are barking dogs, loud parties, cluttered properties and extra vehicles.

If you’re still unsure, we have complied a handy list for you to look over if you’re considering whether an HOA is right for you.

The Top 10 Benefits of Living in a Well-Managed HOA

  1. Well-maintained amenities – HOAs typically do an outstanding job of maintaining amenities. (Think manicured and over-seeded common area lawns, freshly painted walls, lighting that works and clean play areas, to name just a few).
  1. Increased amenities – Not just well-maintained amenities, but lots of them too, which includes walking trails, sport courts, swimming pools, club houses, spas, and tennis courts.
  1. Aesthetically pleasing homes – Just take a drive through Trappers Ridge and the Fairways. These well designed homes are beautiful and perfectly compliment the natural environment.
  1. Rules and regulations deter nuisance activity and promote conformity – Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder.
  1. Extra support in dealing with neighborhood property issues – HOAs often partner with municipal code compliance departments to ensure adherence to the rules.
  1. Community bonding and communication among neighbors – A great way to make new friends.
  1. Increased community pride – Who wouldn’t be proud to live in an attractive, well-run community?
  1. Financial stability – A well-managed HOA has a reserve study in place and funds available for future common area repairs and capital improvements, thereby reducing the likelihood of special assessments down the road.
  1. TLC – Community common areas are cared for by trained professionals.

And the number one benefit of living in a well-managed HOA…

  1. Properly protected property values – A well maintained HOA is specifically designed to make sure property values stay high and remain more constant over the long term. Granted, no one can predict the future, but living in an active HOA helps to ensure that when those dips come, the overall community remains more stable.
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